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When single mother Anahid Kalentz complains about the horrors of war, it falls on deaf ears, as her son and only family, David, has made the decision behind her back to enlist in what will be known as the "Four Day War" of 2016. It doesn't take long for David to realize his robust decision to fight for Armenia against the intruding forces of Azerbaijan, was probably the most life-changing experience he'll have.


Having been convinced by the peer pressure of his teenaged friends, that war was a necessary evil to fight for God and Country, soon reveals the true face of what nationalistic hatred looks like. Beginning on April 1st, this war was as foolish as most wars are, as the cease-fire of 1994 ends and quickly turns deadly.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, the battlefield takes on a new spin due to the advancements in personal electronic devices, as David brings his smartphone to the front lines with Facetime capabilities. It quickly becomes every mother's nightmare when she sees a first-hand, live-feed of the consequences.

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