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Apricot s'Oil™

Apricot s'Oil™

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The uses of Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil are abundant, ranging from medicinal to cosmetic. Its many forms include massage oils, hair oils, gels, body butters, lip products, perfumes, lotions, creams, soaps, bath products, shampoos, and other hair care products.


Used topically, Apricot Kernel Oil makes a non-greasy, enriching emollient. It can be applied directly to the skin as a revitalizing salve that soothes and prevents acne, inflammation, and dryness. Used under the eyes, it is known to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. It can be massaged into the face to gently and effectively cleanse and soften the skin. Additionally, it can be applied in a thick layer as a moisturizing, fast-absorbing face mask that leaves dry, sensitive skin feeling and looking dewy, silky, supple, and evenly toned.


To remove makeup without scrubbing the skin with harsh cleansers, Apricot Kernel Oil can be applied to easily dissolve and remove oil on the skin as well as residue from oil-based makeup. To create a facial oil that is ideal for sensitive skin, 20 ml (0.70 oz.) Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil can be blended with 5 ml (0.20 oz.) Evening Primrose Carrier Oil, 5ml (0.20 oz.) Jojoba Carrier Oil, 2 drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, 2 drops Rose Essential Oil, 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil, and 4 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil. After all the oils have been mixed together, the blend can be massaged into a freshly cleansed face and neck and left on for up to 20 minutes before being blotted away with a facial tissue. For optimal results, it is recommended that this facial oil be used 3 evenings a week. Those with acne-prone skin may experience the clogging of pores if the Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil is used on its own at 100% concentration. Accordingly, Apricot Kernel Oil may be blended with a non-comedogenic oil, such as Hemp Seed Carrier Oil, and diluted for use in oil cleansers and serums.


Used in a massage, 60 ml (2 oz.) of Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil can be blended with 25 drops of a comforting, uplifting essential oil for a mild massage blend for adults. Some suggestions for essential oils include Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang. Apricot Kernel Oil is reputed to soothe inflammation, enhance skin conditions, and relieve pain, if applied directly to aching temples or sore muscles and joints. For a massage blend that soothes, reduces, and prevents acne as well as scaly skin associated with psoriasis and eczema, blend 60 ml (2 oz.) of Apricot kernel oil with 2 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil and 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Gently massage the blend into the affected areas of skin. Regularly massaging skin with this blend has been known to promote the reparation of damaged skin and to support skin’s healthy by enhancing and maintaining elasticity, suppleness, and clarity.


Used in hair, Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil can detangle and nourish the strands, thereby promoting hair growth. To create a hair mask that not only reduces scalp problems related to dryness, but also results in shiny, oil-free hair, blend 6-8 drops of Apricot Kernel Oil with Almond Carrier Oil and Coconut Carrier Oil. Apply this blend to the hair and scalp by massaging it in a gentle, circular motion. Allow the oil to sit in the hair for 20 minutes before rinsing it out with a mild shampoo and conditioner as usual. Hair will be left feeling soft, silky, and more manageable, especially if this blend is applied 3-4 times a week. This oil blend can also be gently heated and applied as a hot oil hair treatment mask that prevents excessive hair loss that may be caused by dryness, a lack of proper hair nutrition, damage caused by a buildup of chemical agents in the scalp, or by harsh environmental elements and pollutants. Alternatively, 5 drops of Apricot Kernel Oil and 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil can be blended with a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner to relieve itchiness, repair split ends, introduce bounce and shine, prevent premature greying, and to promote and regulate the growth of nourished, lustrous hair. The astringent properties of Apricot Kernel Oil ensure that the scalp has a tighter grip on hair follicles, thereby slowing hair loss.


Used medicinally, Apricot Kernel Oil is known to exhibit laxative properties and to generally facilitate the expulsion of bodily toxins through metabolic waste. To create a massage blend that will encourage proper digestion and bowel movements, blend 6 drops of Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil with 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and gently massage it into the belly. Apricot Kernel Oil is also recommended for massaging areas of skin that have been affected by cuts, wounds, and burns caused by shaving or by harmful UV radiation. For a massage blend that soothes inflamed skin, protects wounds from becoming infected, and promotes circulation, blend 150 ml (5 oz.) of Apricot Kernel Oil with 2 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil and 6 drops of Ajowan Essential Oil. This blend boosts immunity and promotes sweating to eliminate toxins from the body. This in turn gives relief from cold, congestion, phlegm and mucous, as well as conditions associated with inflammation, such as arthritis and rheumatism.


For an aromatherapy oil blend to clear the respiratory tract and to soothe the conditions that affect it, such as asthma, blend 4 drops of Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil with 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and 2 drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil. Add a few drops of this blend to a steaming bowl of water to indulge in a few minutes of steam inhalation. The same blend can also be added to a vaporizing ointment and massaged onto the back, temples, chest, and throat.

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