Art Sevada

Chief Executive Officer / USA

Art Sevada is a bona fide Renaissance man, recognized for his many talents and pioneering endeavors. Today, as the CEO of GRIGOCORP and President of Sevada Productions, both based in Los Angeles, he continues to build on a diverse body of work, as an award-winning artist and entrepreneur.


In the late 1990s, Art established Sevada Productions, a firm specializing in a broad range of creative work, from graphic and web design to television commercials and software development. Sevada Productions continues to grow, and is widely recognized for landmark projects that push the envelope in terms of content and design alike.


Throughout the 2000s, Art also pursued his passion for filmmaking, by writing, directing, and producing a series of intensely personal films that are also noted for their universal appeal. His credits include his trilogy, comprising “As a Beginning,” “Mikosh,” and “The Rope,” as well as “Three Colors in Black and White” — all of which have received critical acclaim in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.


In 2015, Art founded GRIGOCORP, a consortium of entertainment and consumer-product companies, with the goal of developing and marketing a diverse range of inventions. Today, cutting-edge products being made or developed by various GRIGOCORP enterprises range from eyewear, modern gadgets, and electric cars to next-generation apps and devices including SFNX, the world’s first artificial intelligence psychologist.


GRIGOCORP is also the originator of a forthcoming annual film event, the DoorFest Los Angeles International Film Festival.


Arsen Dabaghyan

Chief Operating Officer / AM

Arsen Dabaghyan is a versatile man, who came into business platform from medical field. Though he was extremely successful in his sphere of medicine, Arsen quickly realized the ever-existing gap in various fields and major infrastructures of business, such as agriculture, food and beverage industries. He joined GRIGOCORP team of executives to realize a common dream. To see Armenia prosper and become a leading manufacturer and distributor of those goods and services globally.

Arsen brings his unique approach to business strategies at GRIGOCORP and is an invaluable part of this eclectic company, which makes a specter of consumer electric goods and intellectual properties, such as SFNX Ai, world's first artificial intelligence psychologist.

He approaches every challenge, every product from its creation, development and final assembly with meticulous precision and realizes that every detail in design, quality, assembly and consistency matters. By connecting Armenia as a landscape to this constantly transforming and evolving company, Arsen brings westernized ideology to the table and customizes every product to feet those qualities and ideologies.

We are extremely happy to have him on board of directors.