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At Sevada Academy of Visual Arts (SAVA), we take pride in offering a diverse and comprehensive range of programs that cater to the diverse world of visual arts and creative industries. Our commitment to nurturing talent and empowering students to explore their artistic potential sets us apart as a distinguished center of learning and innovation.

With a multitude of specialized programs, Sevada Academy of Visual Arts (SAVA) provides students with a unique opportunity to delve into their artistic passions. Our diverse range of programs include:


  • Acting Embark on a journey to become a thespian, honing your acting skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

  • Advertising Master the art of persuasion through visual communication and advertising strategies.

  • Animation & Visual Effects Dive into the world of animation and bring your imagination to life through cutting-edge visual effects techniques.

  • Architecture Learn to shape the world around you through innovative architectural design.

  • Art Education Become a mentor and inspire the next generation of artists and creators.

  • Art History Explore the rich tapestry of art throughout history and gain insights into its cultural significance.

  • Communications & Media Technologies Understand the ever-evolving landscape of media, from traditional to digital platforms.

  • Fashion Unleash your creativity in the world of fashion design and trendsetting.

  • Fine Art Perfect your craft as a painter, sculptor, or mixed-media artist, and express your unique vision.

  • Game Development Join the gaming industry and create immersive and interactive experiences.

  • Graphic Design Develop your visual communication skills to craft compelling designs.

  • Illustration Create captivating and imaginative illustrations for various media.

  • Industrial & Product Design Redefine everyday objects and invent innovative solutions to real-world problems.

  • Jewelry & Metal Arts Craft exquisite jewelry pieces and master the art of working with precious metals.

  • Motion Pictures / Television Production & Post Step into the world of film and television production and post-production.

  • Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media Compose and engineer soundscapes for visual media, elevating storytelling through audio.

  • Photography Capture the world's beauty and tell stories through the lens.

  • Visual Development Shape the visual language of animation, games, and other visual media.

  • Script-Writing for Film, Television & Digital Content Script compelling stories for various media platforms.

  • Leather Goods Creation Master the art of crafting leather goods, from bags to accessories.

  • Ceramics & Crafts Unleash your creativity through pottery and crafts, exploring a world of handcrafted excellence

Note: The academic programs are subject to change. Please refer to the official Sevada Academy of Visual Arts (SAVA) website or contact us for any updates or additional information.

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